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Modified Flash Game

2013-02-25 00:04:44 by K4J

I really like modifying games of all types, now I can add Flash games to that list. For so long have I been wanting to...and now, I can! I've been on and off the past week on this .Fla file, I spent an entire day looking through the files and code. In total I spent about 3-4 hours(not including new art creation) of total changes and the game looks really different. Since I'm the one who made the changes of course I approve of them.

The game is Sonny, one of my old favorites and possibly the very first game I ever wanted to modify. <= The games name is a link.

*Modified Version*

I don't plan on uploading this modified version anywhere because that might get me in trouble or something, especially because of some of the changes I did. But I have to look more into that.

-Removed: Ad Box(won't be needing that)

-Removed: Armor Games(Logo's, Links, SiteLock + "Play MORE Games")
--SiteLock prevented the game from being played on sites other than Armor Games.(I didn't test that out but the code looked convincing enough)

-Removed: Long Armor Games Intro
--Caused game to stop if removed: Since Fixed
--Each time you quit the game it wen't back to the intro then main menu: Since Fixed, redirects to main menu.

-Added: New "Broken Pipe" weapon design and icon.

-Edited: Many entries from the Main Menu to in-game entries, even weapon/ability names(text)

-Edited/Added: "Quick Strike" now "Basic Strike", Added new Ability Icon.

*My primary goal was to change the look and feel of the game*

It may seem like only a little, but the knowledge I gained from all of this is invaluable. I feel so ecstatic...I've gained so much knowledge already and I know there's still more to gain. This is better than a book or a tutorial, diving right in and having a look for myself.

Nothing to submit

2012-10-14 18:56:59 by K4J


I have absolutely nothing. No art, No flash and no music to submit..I doubt I'll ever do music though.
Recently I scrapped yet another art project I had going after finding out that not many people find that category of art interesting.
Every other art project I have are left unfinished, at what I'd guess to be about 45% each. Meaning the character is fully drawn, but the background, color, shading still isn't.

As for flash projects...I have those ideas popping in my head often, problem isn't getting flash or the idea's length, but every time I think about flash I think I should be using one of those tablet things every other flash artist uses. Oh yeah, did you know that? I don't have one! I'm using my laptops touchpad to draw whatever you see that I submitted. Example below.

Nothing to submit