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I really like modifying games of all types, now I can add Flash games to that list. For so long have I been wanting to...and now, I can! I've been on and off the past week on this .Fla file, I spent an entire day looking through the files and code. In total I spent about 3-4 hours(not including new art creation) of total changes and the game looks really different. Since I'm the one who made the changes of course I approve of them.

The game is Sonny, one of my old favorites and possibly the very first game I ever wanted to modify. <= The games name is a link.

*Modified Version*

I don't plan on uploading this modified version anywhere because that might get me in trouble or something, especially because of some of the changes I did. But I have to look more into that.

-Removed: Ad Box(won't be needing that)

-Removed: Armor Games(Logo's, Links, SiteLock + "Play MORE Games")
--SiteLock prevented the game from being played on sites other than Armor Games.(I didn't test that out but the code looked convincing enough)

-Removed: Long Armor Games Intro
--Caused game to stop if removed: Since Fixed
--Each time you quit the game it wen't back to the intro then main menu: Since Fixed, redirects to main menu.

-Added: New "Broken Pipe" weapon design and icon.

-Edited: Many entries from the Main Menu to in-game entries, even weapon/ability names(text)

-Edited/Added: "Quick Strike" now "Basic Strike", Added new Ability Icon.

*My primary goal was to change the look and feel of the game*

It may seem like only a little, but the knowledge I gained from all of this is invaluable. I feel so ecstatic...I've gained so much knowledge already and I know there's still more to gain. This is better than a book or a tutorial, diving right in and having a look for myself.

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